The Alpha test

Synergy is Electrify’s ground-breaking vision of peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading platform, which connects energy producers and consumers without a middle men, across a main grid.

Synergy Alpha Test commenced in November 2018 in Singapore, featuring 15 participants – 12 consumers and 3 producers. Profile diversity and geographical distribution were considered to provide for different use-cases, limited to Singapore-based consumers. The goal of Synergy Alpha Test was to demonstrate the technology behind Synergy, by simulating an end-to-end use case for P2P energy trading through the city’s main electricity grid and market.

In January 2019, Synergy Alpha Test was successfully concluded, allowing participants to access customisable dashboards to view their production, consumption and energy supply plans. This enabled the participants to experience first-hand our ground-breaking simulated smart energy ecosystem, from registration to customer billing. In the next iteration of Synergy – the Beta – we will refine the current interface for an improved user experience and implement additional features, incorporating feedback from the Alpha.

How it works

Through our proprietary matching algorithm, Synergy will create producer-consumer matches in real-time to ensure all produced solar energy will be fully utilised. By doing so, producers are given supply certainty, which in turn encourages fair prices for solar power for consumers.

Benefits of Synergy


A user-friendly interface to facilitate buying and tracking of real-time energy consumption and supply. Wider geographical reach and diversification. Connect to producers islandwide via the main grid to maximise geographical reach and diversification.



Flexible market mechanism. Access to a flexible market mechanism; find and manage contracts with consumers without breaking a sweat. Maximised earnings. Maximise your earnings of renewable energy to consumers through our matching algorithm. Price stability. Fixed price contracts offer price stability.

Why Synergy


Greater Energy Selection at Fairer Prices. With Synergy, consumers can purchase power directly from small-scale solar power producers, eliminating the middlemen and reducing energy costs for everyone.



The Best Returns on Your Solar Panels. Turn excess energy generated into a stable revenue. For the first time ever, producers who own rooftop solar panels can sell energy to anyone—friends, neighbours, even strangers—across a city-wide grid.


1Is Synergy commercially ready right now and how can I participate?
We have recently concluded Synergy Alpha. We will be entering our commercial Beta test with one of Singapore’s gencos. Currently, participation is only open to businesses and residents domiciled in Singapore.
2Who can join Synergy Beta?
Anyone can join our Beta! Participants with solar panels may join our platform as residential producers while participants without solar panels may join as consumers. There are no housing type requirements (landed property, HDB apartment block, condominium).
Prosumers have to be generating energy through rooftop solar PV systems. Consumers can be either business or domestic, and there is no restriction on the amount of power you consume or the type of building you are in. Synergy Beta is open only to Singaporean participants.
3What are “Prosumers”?
A combination of producer and consumer, prosumers both produce and consume electricity. In this case, participants with solar panels may be known as prosumers, who choose to sell excess generated solar energy through Synergy, after consuming a portion of this generation. Both producers and prosumers are welcome to join Synergy as participants.
4Will there be any cost to participants?
Electrify will bear the hardware and installation costs for all participants (consumers and residential producers) during Synergy Beta.
5What measures will be taken to protect my data and privacy?
All wired and wireless communication channels are encrypted. Our servers are also hardened and designed to mitigate potential loopholes and security threats. All private data are encrypted on our servers and will be used for internal research purposes only. Any presentation of the data will be aggregated as part of Beta results, and details of participants’ energy consumption will remain anonymous.
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