Transactive energy for a sustainable future.
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ELECTRIFY is an energy technology company that is building sustainable energy ecosystems through the development of transactive energy platforms that will democratise access to clean energy across the Asia Pacific.


Synergy is ELECTRIFY’s peer-to-peer energy trading platform that connects owners of distributed energy resources to consumers, through the main utility grid. Synergy provides producers stable revenues from their energy exports while offering consumers greater energy options at fairer prices.


Blockchain is an innovative technology that makes use of cryptography and distributed digital ledgers to store information about transactions. This technology is one of the most important recent developments in the new decentralised digital economy and Electrify is developing new applications to deliver innovative services through platforms for the energy industry.


We built the first retail electricity marketplace in Southeast Asia, for the deregulated Singapore market at ELECTRIFY.SG. Within our first year of operation, we transacted more than 60GWh of electricity for commercial and industrial customers.



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