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⚡Current Affairs – Episode 7 | Singapore

Meet Alexia Lee and Peh Shi Ning, our Business Lead and Head of Business Development respectively! Together, they ensure the smooth running of our existing electricity marketplace business in Singapore. Most of you are familiar with our Synergy energy trading product, but you might not know that the online Marketplace is where it all started; it is what kicked things off for ELECTRIFY in Singapore and allowed us to expand into new territories and projects. As we embark on our journey to deliver blockchain-based peer-to-peer electricity trading, we will continue to enhance the Marketplace for our customers, especially in light of the increasing liberalisation of the electricity market in Singapore later this year. So much in store, stay tuned for more! Note that we will henceforth be pushing out Vlogs on a quarterly basis, and will supplement these updates with other content pieces. We thank you for your utmost support!

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